Install Attribution

\in-ˈstȯl\ \ˌa-trə-ˈbyü-shən\

Install attribution is data on the source (such as the link used) of a user’s app download which is often used to determine ROI and user preferences.


For app marketers, install attribution is information about where a user came from leading up to an app install. This data can inform future marketing efforts, by demonstrating the results of particular campaigns or Cost Per Install (CPI) investments, and it can also provide the first dose of valuable info on a user to inform personalization.

Unfortunately, mobile install attribution can be a little tricky. Cookies can be used to track website traffic but in app environments you can lose the trail. Mis-attribution can result in poor or incorrect user data or overpayment for advertising. There’s no perfect way to track all the events that influence a download (from multiple channels to word of mouth) but a good MMA will use a coordinated group of app tracking systems to provide sources for install attribution purposes.

“We should really figure out what’s causing this shift in install attributions—Facebook used to be our number one source.”