In-App Messages

\ˈin\ \ˈap\ \ˈme-sij\

In-app messages are digital messages that only reach people when they’re using your app or visiting your website.


An in-app message is a type of notification that reaches individuals exclusively when they are actively engaging with a brand’s digital presence. This messaging channel can come in a variety of formats and sizes, and can be simple or content-rich. It’s essentially a popup or modal that appears when users are engaging with your content. In-app messages first emerged as a way to communicate with mobile app users (hence the name); when this type of message is used on the web, it’s known as an “in-browser message.” They’re often used in conjunction with push notifications, email, and other message types as part of a multichannel customer engagement strategy.

“Sure, you could send your loyal customers push notifications to let them know about your new spring collection—but since they’re using your app regularly, why not just use in-app messages?”