Customer Events / Attributes

\ˈkəs-tə-mər\ \i-ˈvents\ \ˈa-trə-ˌbyüts\

Customer events and attributes are data collected by a CRM on behaviors and user information that can be used to personalize outreach.


Customer events and attributes are collected by your CRM and can be used to develop segments or personalized content. Events include behavioral information about engagement and usage: number of sessions, when a message was last received, most recent purchase, etc. Attributes are data points about the user: their name, age, location, gender, favorite item, etc. Combined, this information can help you develop relevant campaigns and build relationships with customers.

This information can be used to highlight items users are more likely to be interested in, at times when they are more likely to respond, in their prefered channel. By monitoring this data, you can begin to see trends that indicate steps to greater engagement, and begin segmented campaigns to guide more users down that path. Capturing the data in your CRM is the first step, and once you have the information, you have nearly endless possibilities to personalize your outreach. But it’s important to be intentional. It will help to avoid creepy messaging if you always use it to provide value to users and help them understand how data was collected (such as asking them to complete a profile or fill out a preference center).

“Since we track a number of important customer events and attributes, we can always segment our new campaigns appropriately, so our customers are always getting a personalized experience.”