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Grubhub connects diners with more than 300,000 restaurants in over 4,000 U.S. cities. To build engagement, the company wanted to send its 30 million diners a year-end summary of their Grubhub activity. To do this, Grubhub partnered with Braze, leading to a 100% increase in social media mentions and an 18% lift in word-of-mouth mentions.

Diners have been using Grubhub's online ordering platform to discover new restaurants and connect with their favorites since 2004. Restaurants can focus on making the food people love, while Grubhub helps to strengthen restaurants’ online presence and drive them more orders. On Grubhub’s platform, diners can browse, order, and securely pay for delivery and pickup from their favorite local restaurants.

By leveraging Braze, Grubhub gained the power to harness detailed diner data for personalized communications that build brand awareness and spur engagement.

Grubhub Deploys Data to Engage Diners With Personalized Communications

Grubhub came up with the idea for an email with a yearly summary of ordering activity for diners. The idea was to create a truly personalized experience—one that would attract attention while delivering a message and offering the opportunity for diners to reconnect with local restaurants that they’ve ordered from over the last year.

Designing this email required ingesting a good deal of diner data and figuring out which data fields to use in presenting diners’ activity in an engaging way. Using the Braze API, the data was fed into 32 custom attributes directly from Grubhub’s data warehouse.

Everything in the email is dynamic, from the color scheme down to the header image to the dining history data for each diner. Braze Content Blocks, our modular content feature, made this process easy and largely automated once the email was designed. Liquid, a flexible personalization feature supported by Braze, allowed Grubhub’s team to easily view and test different message iterations, ensuring uniform functionality across recipients.

“Throughout an unpredictable 2020, Braze has continued to be our mainstay for the execution of our marketing emails and mobile notifications,” said Jessica Burns, Vice President of Brand Marketing and Creative at Grubhub. “Most notably Braze helped us bolster our efforts for Grubhub’s Taste of 2020 Year in Review through personalized emails to millions of diners and helped push our campaign to new heights. We’re grateful for their work and look forward to working with the Braze team in the future.”

Grubhub Results: 18% Lift in Word-of-Mouth Referrals and 100% Increase in Social Media Mentions

By giving diners a personalized email featuring their ordering activity, Grubhub was able to build brand awareness and engage diners with a dynamic experience. The Taste of 2020 Year in Review email has been one of Grubhub’s most successful campaigns in terms of inspiring shares and creating buzz. The company saw 100% more social media chatter year-over-year, and an 18% lift in word-of-mouth referrals.

Final Thoughts

Grubhub’s Taste of 2020 Year in Review email was an ambitious undertaking, leveraging not just diner data and communication preferences, but also order history and information on how much diners tipped their drivers. The email highlighted the strong bond between diners and their most-loved foods from their favorite restaurants while building brand awareness.

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