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Explore everything from how to accelerate personalization with Braze to tips for acing your customer engagement. You’ll be joined by industry experts and our partners AppsFlyer, Action Rocket, CACI, mParticle and Wunderman Thompson.
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Guest Speaker
Ben Lappin Director Customer Experience, The Guardian
Guest Speaker
Kayee Cheung VP Commercial Global Innovation, Skyscanner

As the world emerges from the pandemic, what can brands do to prepare for and thrive in the “next normal?” Watch our Braze Connection Hub sessions to set yourself up for success.

Explore everything from how to accelerate personalization with Braze to tips for acing your customer engagement. You’ll be joined by industry experts and our partners AppsFlyer, Action Rocket, Wunderman Thompson and CACI.

You’ll even have a front row seat to fireside chats with leading brands Skyscanner and The Guardian.

Sessions Include:

  • AppsFlyer: Facts and Figures on the Initial iOS 14.5 Roll Out

    The impact of iOS 14.5 and the app tracker transparency and mobile user acquisition cannot be underestimated. This session will highlight key observations with changes in platform policies and what this will mean for organisations as we move forward.
  • Action Rocket: The Future of Email

    Discover how the email industry is constantly evolving, and what marketers can do to get ahead of the trends.
  • CACI: Accelerating Value Delivery with Braze

    Learn how organisations have wrestled to deliver personalization at scale. With many CMOs reporting they plan to abandon these programs, this session dives into first-hand customer experience to explore the unique personalization opportunities marketers can leverage using Braze to achieve their goals.
  • mParticle: Get Your Flywheel In Motion With Data Master

    Learn how mParticle's Data Master enables you to improve data quality throughout the customer data pipeline, allowing insights to compound, and making every campaign and product launch better than the last.
  • Wunderman Thompson: Personalization at Scale

    Humanise the relationship between your brand and your customers. Find out about the foundations of scale and the four key principles needed to accelerate strategy. Discover our approach to helping brands scale rapidly and the tools, automation and ways of working to deliver hyper-personalization.
  • The Guardian: How Ace Brands Achieve Ace Results

    Superior customer engagement defines the success of exceptional brands. But what does brilliant customer engagement really mean, and how do you know if your strategy is driving results?
  • Road To Recovery: How Skyscanner’s Customer Engagement Puts Customer Needs Front And Centre

    To better navigate the road to recovery, travel brands need a clear and consistent engagement plan that puts customer needs front and centre. These times of uncertainty will require consumer relationships to be rebuilt, but they also give brands a chance to stand out and gain lifelong loyalty—if they rise to the occasion. In this conversation, we’ll provide exclusive insights and strategies to aid brands in the travel sector as they make their way on this challenging, rewarding journey.
  • Power Personalized Experiences at Scale With a Built-for-Purpose Tech Stack

    Research shows that companies that excel at customer engagement see higher customer lifetime value and lower customer acquisition costs, resulting in long-term, capital-efficient business growth. But as today’s consumers increasingly jump from email to your app and mobile to the web, how can brands listen to their customers and ensure thoughtful personalization? To reach them effectively, you need to leverage the right technology ecosystem—one that allows you to integrate the best-in-class technologies for all your different customer engagement needs and connect them together to support responsive, relevant, and deeply human brand experiences.
  • Anonymous Users and Their Untapped Value

    “What is the value of adding anonymous users to our contract?” Up until now Braze hasn’t had a fully built out perspective or data to answer this question nor has first party data in the industry been analysed in this way. Industry Solutions has partnered with BI over the past 6 months to scope out and analyse data that supports our hypothesis: anonymous users are valuable and the majority of companies at Braze do not have a focus on engaging, retaining, and monetising anonymous users which leaves a large chunk of their business on their table. Learn how your business can optimize anonymous users.

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Georgia Harrison
Senior Director, Customer Success, Braze
Jackie Franklin
Senior Business Consultant, Braze
Bill Magnuson
CEO & Cofounder, Braze
Magith Noohukhan
Customer Evangelist, Braze
Jennifer Belissent
Principal Data Strategist, Snowflake
Sudheendra Chilappagari
Product Evangelist - Segment
David Sealey
Director of Strategy and Growth, CACI
Shabih Syed
Head of Product Marketing, mParticle
James Burr
Senior Director, Wunderman Thompson
Paul Martin
Partner Manager, AppsFlyer
Brittany Catton
Account Director, Action Rocket
Jay Oram
Senior Coder & Interactive Email Specialist, Action Rocket

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