Braze AMA

Anonymous Users


When: Thursday, September 23 | 12 - 1 pm EDT

Where: Braze Bonfire

You may have heard the term “anonymous user” or “leveraging anonymous users” but what is an anonymous user? And why should you care about them? Anonymous users are people who are taking action on your site but do not log in. Based on a recent study conducted by Braze from November 2019 - February 2021, we found that 12% of your purchasers are anonymous users.

Anonymous users are also 58% more likely to purchase than known users. Don’t miss out on a huge opportunity to find ways to capture more value from these purchasers. Almost all web users remain anonymous. That’s a lot of traffic — and revenue potential — that’s not being converted in a meaningful way. Join us for our next Ask Me Anything with Jackie Franklin, Senior Strategic Business Consultant at Braze who will lead our deep dive into anonymous users here at Braze and Nick Mohney, Head of CRM at Tubi. They’re ready to answer all of your questions about anonymous users, leveraging anonymous user data, creating a strategy to target anonymous users, and more.

“Ask us anything about Anonymous Users!”

Jackie Franklin

Senior Strategic Business Consultant


Nick Mohney

Head of CRM


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