Connected Engagement: Understanding Today’s Marketing Stacks and Ecosystems

As today’s modern consumer jumps from device to device, they expect brands to understand and speak to them without missing a beat. But how exactly can brands achieve this? One of the key secrets behind connected and truly data-driven customer engagement is a best-in-class marketing technology ecosystem (also known as a “stack”).

But before you start investing in an ecosystem, let’s explore the fundamentals of how to build and manage your marketing technology stack to reach your business goals. From learning about the differences between a marketing stack and a marketing cloud to discovering what data agility really means—download our guide to building a stack that empowers brands to deliver creative campaigns that resonate with customers and ultimately, drive stronger revenue.

In this exclusive Braze guide, uncover:

  • Why marketing stacks and ecosystems are essential to successful customer engagement
  • 7 essential tips to assembling a best-in-class tech stack
  • The power of data agility, and how you can use a customer data platform to support it
  • How leading brands leveraged Braze to create innovative campaigns that drove tangible results


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