Build Brand Humanity by Mastering Empathy at Scale

More human communication leads to better business results. But putting humanity into action is easier said than done. At Braze, our mission is to forge more human connections between consumers and the brands they love. That’s why we commissioned two powerful studies conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Braze to dig deeper into this important topic.

The consumer study (Brand Humanity Index, or BHI) tracks year-over-year changes in customer sentiment about brand humanity. For the first time, a business decision-maker study (Brand Humanity Maturity model, or BHM) investigates what is necessary to build and deliver memorable, human brand experiences...and what stands in the way.

Access this thought-leadership paper on the studies’ findings to learn:

  • How customer expectations have shifted year over year, and why it is more important than ever that brands feel human to consumers
  • How the marketing practices of successful brands differs from that of less-successful brands, and how those variances impact key results
  • Key recommendations from the team at Forrester Consulting on how to initiate or advance your journey to brand humanity


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