2020: The Year of Streaming

With the launch of media giants like HBO Max, Peacock, and Quibi to come in 2020, it’s clear the new era of streaming is here. How can these brands adapt in the increasingly crowded field of on-demand media? Braze joined forces and datasets with Apptopia to find out. In our new guide, 2020: The Year of Streaming, we examine how these new services and the emergence of COVID-19 have impacted the industry. Together, we analyzed and identified key trends and metrics for success to help brands strategize for long-term growth.

While the times we live in are unprecedented, streaming media services have proved themselves immensely adept at continuing to meet their customers’ expectations. The global pandemic is already transforming consumers’ streaming behavior and media trends, changes that streaming services have been quick to adopt. Week-over-week streaming increased in March while major players have transitioned traditional cinema releases to the digital marketplace. As we continue to adapt to the new normal, we’ll investigate the creative approaches these brands are taking to provide greater value to their customers.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • The top performing streaming services and the factors contributing to their success
  • The best practices of customer engagement behind the world’s most successful streaming services
  • Key drivers boosting daily active users and the cross-channel strategies that drive ROI


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