KIXEYE Talks Mobile Engagement Strategies

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 22, 2015

600_440049524 KIXEYE VP of Marketing, John Getze, presenting at this month’s #engage Meetup

Last night, mobile video game developer and publisher KIXEYE generously hosted and presented at this month’s #engage Mobile App Meetup in San Francisco. Marketers and developers (and a former astrophysicist!) came together to enjoy pizza and beer while discussing best practices for mobile engagement. If you missed out on all the fun due to yesterday’s 4.0 earthquake in California or just want a recap of the presentations, here are the event’s big takeaways:

Growth Requires Many Channels
This year, for the first time, global mobile game revenues will exceed console game revenue and are expected to generate $30 billion. John Getze, KIXEYE’s VP of Marketing, discussed how his firm has leveraged effective mobile engagement strategies to support and maintain its growth in the gaming sector. He emphasized the importance of using multiple channels to engage with his customers and then walked #engagers through KIXEYE’s current use of in-app messages, push notifications, email campaigns and social media to increase awareness and foster a stronger customer community.


#engagers in SF learning about mobile customer engagement

Increased Personalization = Increased Monetization
John warned attendees against falling into the trap of trying to increase customer engagement by sending all of their content to all of their customers all at the same time. Instead, he explained that personalization is key to effectively engaging with members of your mobile audience and encouraging them along an established customer flow. In fact, specifically targeting certain segments of his customer base and sending them promotional campaigns led to a 29% increase in ARPU.

Measure Your Success
Ben Thompson, KIXEYE’s Marketing Engineer, stressed that simply knowing your company’s metrics is not enough in today’s marketing world. To be effective, you also need to tie your campaigns to KPIs that allow you to better understand your customers and how they’re engaging with your app. He explained how Appboy’s analytical tools enabled KIXEYE to map customer journeys by following their activity 24 hours before and after specific push notifications were sent. He also encouraged marketers to use A/B testing to determine if their mobile outreach is effectively supporting their marketing strategy.

To take part in future mobile-focused events like this one, make sure you join the #Engage Meetup SF Mobile Marketing group for updates on our next one.

Team Braze

Team Braze