Appboy’s Predictions and Wish List for 2015 Mobile Trends

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 23, 2014


It has been a big year for mobile, with industry announcements like Apple’s iOS 8 and reports of smartphone usage dominating that of both TVs and desktop computers. The past year has been exciting for Appboy as well, thanks to groundbreaking new features like Intelligent Delivery, a successful #engage summit, our oversubscribed round of Series B funding and unprecedented growth of both our team and client base.

As we wrap up 2014, we’re looking forward to what 2015 has in store. With the recent growth and evolution of the mobile landscape, the next 12 months promise to be just as (if not more) eventful. Here are some industry trends that we will be eagerly anticipating and keeping an eye on:


I’m interested to see how location capabilities evolve, particularly when mixed with customer data. It would be great to receive notifications that are actually relevant (i.e. “Trey’s Birthday is almost here! Check out the great baby toys and use coupon code TOY10 for 10% off at checkout.”), not just one-size-fits-all notifications (i.e. “Tide pods on sale for $2.99!”).
– Dave Goldstein (@AppboyDave), Sales

I’m looking forward to increased adoption for mobile payments *knock on wood*.
– Jon Hyman (@jon_hyman), CIO

I’m personally interested in seeing how the increasing dominance of mobile and wearable technologies both influence and are influenced by privacy regulation and existing legal structures. On a related note, I’m looking forward to seeing how much – if at all – consumers will value companies that take a transparent consumer-centric approach to leveraging their data, versus those that remain more opaque on the issue.
– Tricia Morizio, Product

I’m looking forward to Apple Watch!
– Ahmed Gamal (@AGartworks), Design

I am really excited to see how our phones really start to power everything around us, from the moment you wake up to turning off your alarm system, making coffee, unlocking your front door, connecting to your car or calling an Uber. I’m looking forward to seeing how our phones will help us accomplish our daily goals, all while tracking our steps and connecting us with friends. The Apple watch will be another great step forward.
– Mark Ghermezian (@markgher), CEO

I’m looking forward to seeing more use of advanced push notification features. iOS 8 and Android L both have some great improvements, but clever use of the features has been slow. Push should be more exciting than just simple text messages!
– Spencer Burke (@spncr_b), Success Squad

Google’s online store for Android apps, Google Play, does not come pre-loaded on phones in China, where third-party app stores are the norm. However, Google recently made it possible for China-based developers to submit apps to Google Play and make money from Google Play apps downloaded in other (non-China) countries. Could 2015 be the year Google Play makes it to China?
– Jared Poelman, Engineering

Seeing the mobile market mature over the past year has been exciting. I’m looking forward to even more advancements in retail, media and publishing as these industries continue to expand their mobile strategy.
– Ryan d’Ottillie, Sales

I’m excited to see more wearable technologies and apps that help users track and monitor their health, and ultimately give consumers more control over their habits.
– Wendy Pan (@WendyVonPan), Success Squad

In 2015 I’m interested to witness how more established, “traditional” industries or brands continue to make the move to mobile, and on the flip side, how apps begin to diversify their marketing strategies. We’ve seen airlines, car companies and appliances develop related apps, and I think this trend is just taking off. As mobile becomes more embedded into everyday life, companies will need to brainstorm ways to add value to their consumers via their devices. On a related note, apps are starting to invest more in holistic marketing, which has been intriguing to observe. Whether it’s an ad on TV, on the subway or giveaways on the street, we’re beginning to see the mobile experience extend beyond our devices and into other mediums in a significant way.
– Jackie Wasilczyk (@jackiewas), Marketing

I’m looking forward to more celebrity endorsed apps like Hanx Writer or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. See you on the A-List in 2015 ya’ll! #appboynation
– Marc Ioli (@catch2finish), Sales

Which industry trends are you most stoked for in 2015? Send your thoughts and any questions to [email protected].

Team Braze

Team Braze