The opportunity in customer data

Packages start with CRM data. The structure is built to scale as your customer base grows, and increasingly engage across channels. The Braze platform provides a holistic view of each customer so you can respond in real time across connected channels and devices.

Each package unlocks signature resources


Brilliant customer experiences don't just happen overnight. Use Canvas, our visual experimentation tool, to test channels, timing, triggers, segments, and other elements.


When you need to analyze performance and optimize messaging, insights better be available fast. Export high volumes of data in milliseconds with Currents.

Teams and Collaboration

Create team projects in Braze. Invite product, engineering, marketing, and other departments. Stay organized with clear categories for every task, along with filters and tags.

Optimization & AI

Our Intelligence Suite reveals your campaign's best case scenarios. It predicts which channels will be most engaging and highlights key insights to measure against.

Pricing Table

Dedicated Onboarding Manager
Strategy and Technical Sessions
Resources & Training Webinars
Executive Business Review
Strategic Meetings

Named Braze Customer
Success Manager
Academy, Documentation, Guides,
Worksheets, & Templates
Help Desk Access
  • Base Package
  • Plus Package

Our Expertise and Consultation Offerings

Deliverability Services

Your efforts are never made in vain. Our team is available to ensure that your messages are being delivered across channels (including email).

Business Intelligence Services

You're never left wondering why. We offer specialized reports and data analysis options for deeper insights at every turn.

Integration Services

You're never alone. We're available to stop by in person and provide you with technical guidance so that you're always running smoothly with Braze.

PB & J’s. Manis & Pedis. Sonny & Cher.

Certain things just go together, right? That's how we feel about packages and product demos.

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