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Honor Every Customer’s Outreach Preferences: Introducing Intelligent Channel

To support better customer messaging, Braze is pleased to announce a new addition to our Intelligence Suite: Intelligent Channel. This new audience filter makes it easier for marketing, growth, and engagement teams to ensure that they’re contacting each customer via their preferred engagement channel, as determined by their past engagement behavior.


Braze Winter 2020 Product Launch: Unifying Communications to Unlock Customer Loyalty

Each season, Braze gives its customers an exclusive look at an array of new features, tools, and functionalities for the Braze platform. This winter, Braze is introducing eight new or updated features that seamlessly integrate into your existing messaging campaigns. Strengthen customer loyalty and amplify your brand with new AI/ML features, easy orchestration, and powerful partnerships. After all, what says winter more than a cozy sweater, dogs in booties, and some brand new Braze features?


Mastering Campaign Permissioning with Braze Teams

At Braze, we know how important it is to effectively manage access to data and other sensitive parts of your customer engagement activities. So we built Braze Teams—our role- and permissions-management tool—to make permissioning as flexible as possible.


Introducing Content Cards: Exploring This Innovative New Messaging Channel

Braze is pleased to announce a powerful new messaging channel: Content Cards! This highly flexible messaging tool allows brands to highlight persistent content within their app or web experiences without interrupting customers’ browsing behavior. Read on for a look at this key new messaging channel and what it means for your customer engagement efforts.


July 2019 Product Update: Connecting, Comparing, and Testing

At Braze, we’re focused on building the best customer engagement platform out there. We’ve been busy at work to ensure that we deliver the best new features to our loyal customers; this month's new release includes the addition of Connected Content to Content Cards, in-app messaging support in Canvas, and more.

The Integration Issue

Building the Next-Gen Ecosystem: How the Six Pillars of Braze Alloys Support True Connected Engagement

Your customers are individuals, with their own individual interests, preferences, and behaviors. To reach them effectively, you need to ensure that you have the right technology ecosystem—one that allows you to slot in best-in-class technologies for all your different customer engagement needs and to connect them together to support responsive, relevant, and deeply human brand experiences. Learn how Braze Alloys can help make that happen.