FORGE City x City On Demand

From exploring how human empathy impacts customer engagement with best-selling author Nir Eyal to unlocking the secrets behind how The Estee Lauder Companies' marketing experts doubled the size of their online channel in two years—watch our on-demand exclusives to take your strategy to the next level.


Driving Engagement With Real-Time Messaging

Branch and Giant Eagle reveal how to build a customer-centric tech ecosystem to support real-time segmentation and contextual targeting.

Mastering Loyalty and Customer Experience

Giant Eagle and mParticle share how to use personalization and gamification to build user loyalty and provide top-flight customer experiences.

Powering Customer Retention for Retail and eComm

Meet the retention challenges of today’s consumer landscape with industry-specific retail and eCommerce insights from Merkle and Amplitude.

Customer Engagement Success Blends Tech & Teams

Learn how VSCO fuels growth by deepening use of technology and streamlining team practices for customer engagement.

Building Streaming Loyalty

Explore how retention and customer engagement build sustainable customer loyalty in today's fast-moving streaming space with HBO Max.

QSR Consumer Insights and Predictions

Learn how KFC Ecuador uses data to develop insights and strategies that support exceptional customer experiences and marketing outcomes.

Customer Conversations: Estèe Lauder Companies x Braze

Braze President and CCO Myles Kleeger chats with Doug Jensen, SVP GTM Analytics and Activation at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. exploring the insights that allowed Jensen’s team to double the size of their online channel over two years and how they used Braze to personalize the customer journey for loyal shoppers.