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Tealium for Currents

Tealium is a customer data platform that collects and routes information from multiple sources to a variety of other locations in your marketing stack.

The Braze and Tealium integration allows you to seamlessly control the flow of information between the two systems. With Currents, you can also connect data to Tealium to make it actionable across the entire growth stack.


Requirement Description
Tealium EventStream or Tealium AudienceStream A Tealium account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Currents In order to export data back into Tealium, you need to have Braze Currents set up for your account.
Tealium URL These can be obtained by navigating to your Tealium dashboard and copying the ingestion URL.


Step 1: Create a data source for Braze within Tealium

Instructions for creating a data source can be found on the Tealium site. When completed, Tealium will provide a data source URL to copy, which you will use in the next step.

Step 2: Create Current

In Braze, navigate to Currents > + Create Current > Tealium Export. Provide an integration name, contact email, and your Tealium URL. Next, select what you want to track from the list of available events. Lastly, click Launch Current

All events sent to Tealium will include the user’s external_user_id. At this time, Braze does not send event data to Tealium for users who do not have their external_user_id set.

Integration details

Braze supports exporting all data listed in the Currents event glossaries (including all properties in both message engagement and customer behavior events) to Tealium.

The payload structure for exported data is the same as the payload structure for custom HTTP connectors, which can be viewed in the examples repository for custom HTTP connectors.

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