Skip to content for Currents is a customer data platform that helps you collect, clean, and activate your customer data. This reference article will give an overview of the connection between Braze Currents and and describe requirements and processes for proper implementation and usage.

The Braze and integration allows you to leverage Braze Currents to export your Braze events to to drive deeper analytics into conversions, retention, and product usage.


Requirement Description account A account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Braze destination You must have already set up Braze as a destination in your integration.

This includes providing the correct Braze data center and REST API key in your connection settings.
Currents In order to export data back into, you need to have Braze Currents set up for your account.


Step 1: Obtain write key

  1. In your dashboard, select your source. Next, go to Settings > API keys. Here you will find the Write Key.
  2. In Braze, navigate to Currents > + Create Currents > Create Export.
  3. Next, provide an integration name, contact email, write key, and region.

The Currents page in Braze. Here, you can find fields for integration name, contact email, segment region, and API key.

Step 2: Export message engagement events

Next, select the message engagement events you would like to export. Reference the following export events and properties table listed. All events sent to will include the user’s external_user_id as the userId. At this time, Braze does not send event data for users who do not have their external_user_id set.

List of all available message engagement events on the Currents page in Braze.

Lastly, select Launch Current.

To read more, visit documentation.

Supported Currents events

Braze supports exporting the following data listed in the Currents user behavior and message engagement event glossaries to


  • Uninstall: users.behaviors.Uninstall
  • App (news feed impression)
  • Subscription (global state change): users.behaviors.subscription.GlobalStateChange
  • Subscription group (state change): users.behaviors.subscriptiongroup.StateChange


  • Abort: users_campaigns_abort
  • Conversion: users.campaigns.Conversion
  • EnrollinControl: users.campaigns.EnrollInControl


  • Abort: users_canvas_abort
  • Conversion: users.canvas.Conversion
  • Entry: users.canvas.Entry
  • Exit (matched audience, performed event)
    • users.canvas.exit.MatchedAudience
    • users.canvas.exit.PerformedEvent
  • Experiment Step (conversion, split entry)
    • users.canvas.experimentstep.Conversion
    • users.canvas.experimentstep.SplitEntry


  • Content Card (abort, click, dismiss, impression, send)
    • users.messages.contentcard.Abort
    • users.messages.contentcard.Click
    • users.messages.contentcard.Dismiss
    • users.messages.contentcard.Impression
    • users.messages.contentcard.Send
  • Email (abort, bounce, click, delivery, markasspam, open, send, softbounce, unsubscribe)
  • In-app message (abort, click, impression)
    • users.messages.inappmessage.Abort
    • users.messages.inappmessage.Click
    • users.messages.inappmessage.Impression
  • News Feed card (abort, click, impression)
    • users.messages.newsfeedcard.Abort
    • users.messages.newsfeedcard.Click
    • users.messages.newsfeedcard.Impression
  • Push notification (abort, bounce, iOSforeground, open, send)
    • users.messages.pushnotification.Abort
    • users.messages.pushnotification.Bounce
    • users.messages.pushnotification.IosForeground
    • users.messages.pushnotification.Open
    • users.messages.pushnotification.Send
  • SMS (abort, carrier send, delivery, delivery failure, inbound recieve, rejection, send, short link click)
    • users.messages.sms.Abort
    • users.messages.sms.CarrierSend
    • users.messages.sms.Delivery
    • users.messages.sms.DeliveryFailure
    • users.messages.sms.InboundReceive
    • users.messages.sms.Rejection
    • users.messages.sms.Send
    • users.messages.sms.ShortLinkClick
  • Webhook (abort, send)
    • users.messages.webhook.Abort
    • users.messages.webhook.Send
  • WhatsApp (abort, delivery, failure, inbound recieve, read, send)
    • users.messages.whatsapp.Abort
    • users.messages.whatsapp.Delivery
    • users.messages.whatsapp.Failure
    • users.messages.whatsapp.InboundReceive
    • users.messages.whatsapp.Read
    • users.messages.whatsapp.Send
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