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Merkury is Merkle’s enterprise identity platform that helps brands maximize consumer engagement, experience, and revenue through first-party cookieless identity capabilities. The MerkuryID unifies a brand’s known and unknown customer and prospects records, site/app visits, and consumer data to a single, persistent person ID.

The Braze and Merkury integration allows you to leverages the MerkuryID to increase site visitor recognition rates for Braze customers. Upon recognizing visitors that are brand email subscribers, Merkury will update the Braze profile to include the subscribers email address. The increased recognition capabilities of MerkuryID improves engagement and personalization opportunities and immediately increases site abandonment email send quantities and associated revenue.


Requirement Description
Merkle account A Merkle account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Merkle Client ID Obtain your Client ID from your Merkle representative.
Merkury tag Place Merkle’s Merkury tag on your website.
Braze REST and SDK endpoint Your REST or SDK endpoint URL. Your endpoint will depend on the Braze URL for your instance.
Braze REST API key A Braze REST API key with users.track, users.export.ids, users.export.segment, and segments.list permissions.

This can be created within Braze Dashboard > Developer Console > REST API Key > Create New API Key.

Side-by-side SDK integration

Uses Merkle’s client-side Merkury tag to capture Braze devices and forwards them to the Merkury identity connector endpoint for identification.

Step 1: Setup Braze web SDK tag

You must have the Braze Web SDK deployed on your website to use this integration.

Step 2: Deploy Merkle’s Merkury tag

Deploy the Merkury tag on your website. This will make the Merkury identity connector available on your website. A detailed guide with instructions will be provided to you by your Merkle account manager.

Step 3: Create custom attributes

The following fields will be populated by Merkury identity connector and need to be created in Braze as custom attributes.

Attribute name Data type Description
hmid String Merkle’s Merkury ID
confidence_score Number How confident Merkury was able to identify (1-8, lower is better)

Step 4: Provide Merkle with user email universe

Merkle recommends a segmentation export of your permissible email universe. This can be followed up with daily exports of active permissible users.

The following fields are required:

  • braze_id
  • external_id
  • email address

See your Braze representative for further information.

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