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The Worthy and Braze integration allows you to easily create personalized, rich in-app experiences using Worthy’s drag-and-drop editor and deliver them through Braze. Additionally, Worthy will automatically do the following:

  • Create a Connected Content server and secured API for your messaging.
  • Construct your in-app messages with analytics and click-tracking that will appear directly in Braze.
  • Automatically export HTML via Worthy’s drag-and-drop editor to use in Custom Code in-app message campaigns in Braze, complete with the required API connections and dynamic content you configure.

Use cases

  • Custom welcome experiences based on user onboarding selections
  • In-app experiences for special events and promotions
  • Gathering customer feedback and ratings based on app behavior
  • Quickly testing potential app product ideas
  • Rich notices, news, and community updates


Requirement Description
Worthy account A Worthy account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Braze SDK You will need to configure the Braze SDK in your mobile application to send rich in-app messages.


Step 1: Create personalized messaging in Worthy

Navigate to your app in the Worthy dashboard, select the Message Creator, and create a personalized message you want to use to engage your users.

Step 2: Create a Braze campaign

Create an in-app message campaign in Braze and set the Message Type to Custom Code.

Step 3: Copy your personalized message into Braze

In the Worthy message creator, click Export and select Braze to export your personalized message for use in Braze campaigns. Copy the exported content into the HTML text box under HTML + Asset Zip in the Braze campaign editor.

That’s it! You can immediately test your personalized message using the Test tab in the Braze campaign editor.

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