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Voucherify is an all-in-one promotional platform that allows for personalized campaigns and loyalty programs that drive user engagement and retention.

The Braze and Voucherify integration allows you to grow your promotional campaigns by sending unique codes through the use of:

  • Connected Content: Add unique codes to Braze campaigns via Braze Connected Content. With this feature, you can use Voucherify discount coupons, gift card campaigns, loyalty cards, and referral codes.
  • Custom attributes: Custom attributes enable you to assign Voucherify unique coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, and referral codes to users’ profiles in Braze. As a result, you can send attached codes and attributes in email campaigns and share them with your users.
  • Promotion codes lists: Use Voucherify generated promotion codes and upload them into Braze.


Requirement Description
Voucherify account A Voucherify account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Braze REST API key A Braze REST API key with users.track permissions.

This can be created in the Braze dashboard from Settings > API Keys.


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