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Wunderkind is a platform that scales ecommerce revenue through high-performing, one-to-one email sends. Using Wunderkind’s Identification technology, you can enable brands to recognize more anonymous users across devices, down to an actionable email address. On average, Wunderkind scales the Identification percentage from 3-5% of website traffic to ~40-60%.

The Braze and Wunderkind integration allows you to analyze the performance lift and identify more anonymous users, significantly scaling one-to-one messages sent via Braze and contacts added directly to Braze.


Requirement Description
Wunderkind account A Wunderkind account is required to take advantage of this partnership.


Reach out to your WunderKind team to help set up the integration. You will be asked to provide your Braze ESP or API credentials so that Wunderkind can send out email deployments and subscription statuses through the API.

Once connected, Wunderkind will:

  • Conduct preliminary testing to confirm a stable connection and ensure emails can deploy from the Wunderkind side to the ESP.
  • Create individual campaigns within the Braze UI for each part of a series to allow the rendered emails to be sent.
  • Develop the integration for sending rendered email content in real-time through Braze using the appropriate API endpoint.
  • Conduct extensive quality assurance in a testing environment to ensure emails pass through correctly and data flows into Braze as anticipated.
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