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ThoughtSpot is the modern analytics cloud, a next-generation analytics platform that delivers live analytics to your modern data stack - empowering your colleagues, partners, and customers to turn data into actionable insights.

The Braze and ThoughtSpot integration leverages ThoughtSpot TML Blocks that allow Braze users to accelerate their user behavior analytics with prebuilt templates of worksheets and models. This integration enables users to limitlessly search across their Braze interaction data and uncover actionable insights.


To start using ThoughtSpot on Braze, your data needs to be sent to a cloud data warehouse before ThoughtSpot can live query it.

Requirement Description
ThoughtSpot account A ThoughtSpot account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Cloud data warehouse Braze data is stored in Cloud Data Warehouse using Braze Currents.

TML Blocks

Braze users can easily access and search all their digital interaction data. Our templates empower users to set up their analysis quickly with prebuilt visualizations and worksheets. Analyze your website’s acquisition and user behavior with search, drill-downs, and spotIQ.


Step 1: Connect ThoughtSpot

Log into your ThoughtSpot instance and create an Embrace connection to each table brought in from Braze using Braze Currents.

Step 2: Import TML

Import the zipped file for the worksheets and liveboards in Thoughtspot and verify that they have been imported without errors.

Once imported, you can start searching and customizing the liveboards.

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