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Kubit is a no-code, self-service analytics platform that delivers instant product insights.

The Braze and Kubit integration allows you to import Kubit user cohorts and target them in the Braze messaging. In addition, through the use of Snowflake secure data sharing, you can integrate the raw campaign and impression data from Braze with Kubit product analytics to measure the impact of these campaigns in real-time. This approach provides insights into the full lifecycle of your users without requiring any engineering efforts.


Requirement Description
Kubit enterprise account A Kubit enterprise account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Matching user IDs Your customer data in Kubit and Braze must have matching user IDs across the two platforms. This also includes anonymous UUIDs. Visit our documentation to read about how Braze sets user IDs.

Analyzing Braze data in Kubit

Take advantage of Snowflake secure data sharing to share your Braze raw campaign and impression data with Kubit to incorporate them into Kubit’s self-service analytics, providing you a full picture of users’ lifecycle.

For reference, here are all the Braze fields which are available to be incorporated into Kubit analytics. The details of this step are very customer-specific and require special configurations. Talk to your Kubit account manager or [email protected] to learn more.

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