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Heap analytics

This article describes how to automatically send engagement events from Braze to Heap for analysis. For more information on integrating Heap and its other functionalities, such as syncing Heap cohorts to Braze, see the main Heap article.

Data export integration

Use Braze Currents to automatically send engagement events (for example, email sent, push sent) from Braze to Heap for analysis.

Step 1: Get Heap credentials

You’ll need a webhook endpoint URL to configure this integration, which you can get from your Heap account manager.

Step 2: Configure Braze Currents

In Braze, navigate to Partner Integrations > Data Export, click Create New Current, and select Heap Export.

Give your export a name, then proceed to the Current Details page. On this page, enter the endpoint and optional bearer token (if provided).

After configuring your integration’s credentials, check all message engagement, customer behavior, and user events you would like to export to Heap, and click Launch Current.

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