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Audience sync overview

The Braze Audience Sync feature helps you extend the reach of your campaigns to many of the top social and advertising technologies. Through Braze Canvas, brands can dynamically and securely sync first-party user data into the advertising ecosystem to drive marketing and operational efficiencies.

Use cases

  • Targeting high-value users via owned and paid channels to drive incremental purchases or engagement.
  • Creating lookalike audiences of your high-value users to optimize new user acquisition costs and conversions.
  • Retargeting users with ads who are less responsive to other marketing channels.
  • Creating suppression audiences to prevent users from receiving advertisements when they’re already loyal consumers of your brand.

Feature availability

All Braze customers will immediately have access to Audience Sync to Google and Facebook. To unlock additional Audience Sync destinations including TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, or Criteo, you will need to purchase Audience Sync Pro. Contact your Braze account manager for more details.

How it works

To use Audience Sync to Google or Facebook, connect your ad account by searching for the partner on the Technology Partners page.

After connecting your ads account, you can create a Canvas with an Audience Sync step.

Next, select the partner to sync audiences.

For each partner, you’ll need to configure the following as part of your Audience Sync step:

  • Ad account
  • Audience
  • Action to either add or remove users
  • Fields to match

Keep in mind that Braze will sync users as soon as they enter the Audience Sync step within your Canvas.

For each Audience Sync destination, the partner may have different requirements for which fields we can send. Refer to the specific partner documentation for more details.

Audience Sync Pro

To use an Audience Sync Pro partner including TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, or Criteo, you’ll be able to select your partners based on your Audience Sync Pro purchase allotments in the Audience Sync Pro section on the Technology Partners page.

First, select the partners you intend to use by selecting Select Partners. Each purchase of Audience Sync Pro will provide you 3 allotted Audience Sync Pro destinations, which will be available within each of your workspaces within your dashboard.

After selecting your Audience Sync Pro destinations, connect your selected partner ad account by clicking on the partner tile.

Lastly, create your Audience Sync step in Canvas using this Audience Sync Pro destination.

Data privacy considerations

When building audiences for Ad Tracking, you may wish to include or exclude certain users based on their preferences, and to comply with privacy laws, such as the “Do Not Sell or Share” right under the CCPA. Marketers should implement the relevant filters for users’ eligibility within their Canvas entry criteria. Below we list some options.

If you have collected the iOS IDFA through the Braze SDK, you will be able to use the “Ads Tracking Enabled” filter. Select the value as true to only send users into Audience Sync destinations where they have opted in.

If you are collecting opt-ins, opt-outs, Do Not Sell Or Share, or any other relevant custom attributes, you should include these within your Canvas entry criteria as a filter:

A Canvas with an entry audience of "opted_in_marketing" equals "true".

To learn more on how to comply with these Data Protection laws within the Braze platform, see Data Protection Technical Assistance.

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