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Branch for deep linking

Branch, a mobile linking platform, helps you acquire, engage, and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms by providing a holistic view of all user touchpoints.

The Braze and Branch integration allows you to provide better experiences to your customers by allowing you to properly attribute the beginning of their user journey and connect them through deep links to their intended location.

If you include a call link (href=tel:),


Follow Branch’s SDK integration guide to get up and running with your Branch integration. Refer to the following for additional use cases.

To support sending iOS universal links as deep links from within Braze:

  1. Follow Branch’s documentation for setting up universal links.
  2. Implement the BrazeDelegate method braze(_:shouldOpenURL:) in your Braze SDK integration to route universal links from within your app.

Deep linking in email

Refer to our documentation on Universal links and App Links or see Branch’s documentation to set up deep linking from emails sent through Braze.

Linking to phone numbers (appending tel to href) isn’t supported in the Gmail app for iOS unless a user grants call permissions to the app.

Depending on your ESP, additional customization may be required to support click-tracked universal links. This information is outlined in our dedicated article. You can also refer to the following references to learn more:

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