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Quikly, an urgency marketing platform, leverages psychology to motivate consumers, so brands can immediately increase response around their key marketing initiatives.

The Braze and Quikly partnership allows you to accelerate conversions on events within a Braze customer journey. Quikly does this by using urgency psychology to motivate consumers in fun — and instant — ways. For example, brands can use Quikly to immediately acquire new email and SMS subscribers directly into Braze or to motivate other key marketing objectives like downloading your mobile app.


Requirement Description
Quikly account A Quikly brand partner account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Braze REST API key A Braze REST API key with users.track permissions.

This can be created in the Braze dashboard from Settings > API Keys.
Braze REST endpoint Your REST endpoint URL. Your endpoint will depend on the Braze URL for your instance.
Quikly API key (Optional) A Quikly API key provided by your client success manager (webhook only)

Use cases

Quikly allows brands to accelerate email or SMS acquisition and motivates subscribers to provide first-party data directly within Braze. You can also use Braze to target lapsed customers with a Quikly activation that will reactivate and retain that audience. Additionally, marketers can use this integration to incentivize specific customer journey events with unique reward structures.

For example:

  • Build anticipation and engagement over days as consumers opt-in for a chance to claim exciting rewards with Quikly Hype. First-party data is automatically pushed to Braze.
  • Accelerate acquisition of new email and SMS subscribers using unique, real-time offers based on a consumer’s speed of response, rank against others, randomly, or before time or quantities run out with Quikly Swap.
  • Motivate specific steps in the customer journey with unique reward structures using webhooks.
  • Apply custom attributes or events to the user’s profile upon participating in a Quikly activation.


Outlined below are four different integrations: email acquisition, SMS acquisition, custom attributes, and webhooks. The integration you choose will depend on your Quikly activation and use case.

SMS subscriptions

Quikly activations can collect mobile phone numbers directly from customers and initiate a new SMS subscription. To enable this integration, provide your Quikly client success manager with the subscription_group_id. You can access a subscription group’s subscription_group_id by navigating to the Subscription Group page.

Quikly will perform a subscription lookup using the customer’s phone number and automatically credit them in the activation if an SMS subscription already exists. Otherwise, a new subscription will be initiated, and after the subscription status is verified, the customer will be credited.

Here is the complete workflow when a customer provides their mobile number and consent via Quikly:

  1. Quikly performs a subscription lookup using the subscription group status to see if a given phone is subscribed to a subscription_group_id. If a subscription exists, credit the user in the Quikly activation. No further action is necessary.
  2. Quikly performs a user lookup using the Export user profile by identifier endpoint to see if a user profile exists with a given email_address. If no user exists, create an alias-only profile via Braze’s /users/track endpoint, setting the user’s email as the user alias to reference that user in the future (as the user won’t have an external ID).
  3. Update the subscription status using the Update user’s subscription group status endpoint.

To support existing double opt-in SMS subscription workflows, Quikly can send a custom event to Braze rather than the workflow above. In that case, rather than updating the subscription status directly, the custom event triggers the double opt-in process and the subscription status is periodically monitored to verify the user has fully opted-in before crediting them in the Quikly activation.

Detailed /subscription/status/set request

Request headers

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer YOUR-REST-API-KEY

Request body

  "subscription_group_id": "the-id-of-the-subscription-group",
    "subscription_status": "subscribed",
    "phone": "+13135551212"

Custom attributes

Depending on your Braze implementation, you may want events within Quikly activation to cascade through Braze for further processing. For example, you may wish to apply a custom user attribute based on what level or incentive was achieved in Quikly activation, allowing you to display the relevant Content Card when they open your app or log in to your website. Quikly will work with you directly to implement these integrations.


Use webhooks to trigger incentives for specific events in the customer journey. For example, if you have a Braze event for when a user logs into your app, turns on push notifications, or uses your store locator, you can use a webhook to trigger a custom offer to that user based on the configuration of a specific Quikly activation. Example tactics include rewarding the first X number of users who perform an action (such as logging into your app) with a custom offer or providing an offer that decreases in value as more time elapses to motivate an immediate response.

Create a Quikly webhook in Braze

To create a Quikly webhook template for future campaigns or Canvases, navigate to Templates > Webhook Templates in the Braze platform.

If you would like to create a one-off Quikly webhook campaign or use an existing template, select Webhook in Braze when creating a new campaign.

Select Blank Template, and enter the following for the webhook URL and request body:

  • Webhook URL:
  • Request body: JSON key/value pairs

Request headers and method

Quikly requires an HTTP Header for authorization.

  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Request Header:
    • Authorization: Bearer [PARTNER_AUTHORIZATION_HEADER]
    • Content-Type: application/json

Request body

Select JSON key/value pairs and add the following pairs:

"q_scope": "your-activations-scope-id"
"event": "your-event-identifier"
"email": {{${email_address}}

Preview your request

Preview your request in the Preview panel or navigate to the Test tab, where you can select a random user, an existing user, or customize your own to test your webhook.


Reach out to your client success manager at Quikly with any questions.

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