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Frequently asked questions

This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Live Activities.

Functionality and support

How can I join the Live Activities early access program?

Live Activities are currently in early access. Contact your Braze account manager if you’re interested in participating. There is no additional pricing or paperwork required to join this early access program.

What platforms support Live Activities?

Live Activities are currently a feature specific to iOS. The Live Activities article covers the prerequisites for managing Live Activities through the Braze Swift SDK.

Does Braze support Live Activities as a campaign or Canvas step?

No, this is not currently supported.

Push notifications and Live Activities

What happens if a push notification is sent while a Live Activity is active?

A phone screen with a Bulls vs Bears sports game live activity towards the middle of the screen and push notification lorem ipsum text at the bottom of the screen.

Live Activities and push notifications occupy different screen real estate and won’t conflict on a user’s screen.

If Live Activities leverage push message functionality, do push notifications need to be enabled to receive Live Activities?

While Live Activities rely on push notifications for updates, they are controlled by different user settings. A user can opt into Live Activities but out of push notifications, and vice versa.

Apple requires that the user initiates the Live Activity through some action in your app, for example, by placing an order. This Live Activity token expires after eight hours.

Do Live Activities require push primers?

Push primers are a best practice to prompt your users to opt in to push notifications from your app. However, there is no system prompt to opt into Live Activities. Users are, by default, opted into Live Activities when they upgrade to iOS 16.1+.

Technical topics and troubleshooting

How do I know if Live Activites has errors?

Any Live Activity errors will be logged in the Braze dashboard in the Message Activity Log, where you can filter by “LiveActivity Errors”.

I am receiving an Access Denied response when I try to use the live_activity/update endpoint. Why?

The API keys you use need to be given the correct permissions to access the different Braze API endpoints. If you are using an API key that you previously created, it’s possible that you neglected to update its permissions. Read our API key security overview for a refresher.

Does the messages/send endpoint share rate limits with the messages/live_activity/update endpoint?

The messages/live_activity/update endpoint has a separate rate limit from any other Braze endpoint. By default, the rate limit for the messages/live_activity/update endpoint is 250,000 requests per hour per workspace. See the rate limit article for more information.

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