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visionOS support

Starting with Braze Swift SDK 8.0.0, you can leverage Braze with visionOS, Appleā€™s spacial-computing platform for the Apple Vision Pro. For a sample visionOS app using Braze, see Sample Apps.

Fully supported features

Most features available on iOS are also available on visionOS, including:

  • Analytics (sessions, custom events, purchases, etc.)
  • In-App Messaging (data models and UI)
  • Content Cards (data models and UI)
  • Push Notifications (user-visible with action buttons and silent notifications)
  • Feature Flags
  • Location Analytics

Partially supported features

Some features are only partially supported on visionOS, but Apple is likely to address these in the future:

  • Rich Push Notifications
    • Images are supported.
    • GIFs and videos display the preview thumbnail, but cannot be played.
    • Audio playback is not supported.
  • Push Stories
    • Scrolling and selecting the Push Story page is supported.
    • Navigating between Push Story pages using Next is not supported.

Unsupported features

  • Geofences Monitoring is not supported. Apple has not made the Core Location APIs for region monitoring available on visionOS.
  • Live Activities are not supported. Currently, ActivityKit is only available on iOS and iPadOS.
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