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Swift Package Manager integration

Installing the Swift SDK via Swift Package Manager (SPM) automates the majority of the installation process for you. Before beginning this process, check the version information to ensure that your environment is supported by Braze.

Adding the dependency to your project

Import SDK version

Open your project and navigate to your project’s settings. Select the Swift Packages tab and click on the add button below the packages list.

Enter the URL of our iOS Swift SDK repository in the text field. Under the Dependency Rule section, select the SDK version. Finally, click Add Package.

Select packages

The Braze Swift SDK separates features into standalone libraries to provide developers with more control over which features to import into their projects.

Package Details
BrazeKit Main SDK library providing support for analytics and push notifications.
BrazeLocation Location library providing support for location analytics and geofence monitoring.
BrazeUI Braze-provided user interface library for in-app messages and Content Cards.

Extension libraries

Package Details
BrazeNotificationService Notification service extension library providing support for rich push notifications.
BrazePushStory Notification content extension library providing support for Push Stories.

Select the package that best suits your needs and click Add Package. Make sure you select BrazeKit at a minimum.

Next steps

Follow the instructions for completing the integration.

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