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Modal dismissal

To enable outside tap dismissals, you can modify the dismissOnBackgroundTap property on the Attributes struct of the in-app message type you wish to customize.

For example, if you wish to enable this feature for modal image in-app messages, you can configure the following:

BrazeInAppMessageUI.ModalImageView.Attributes.defaults.dismissOnBackgroundTap = true

Customization via Attributes is not available in Objective-C.

The default value is false. This determines if the modal in-app message will be dismissed when the user taps outside of the in-app message.

DismissModalOnOutsideTap Description
true Modal in-app messages will be dismissed on outside tap.
false Default, modal in-app messages will not be dismissed on outside tap.

For more details on in-app message customization, refer to this article.

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