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Disabling iOS SDK tracking

To comply with data privacy regulations, data tracking activity on the iOS SDK can be stopped entirely by setting the enabled property to false on your Braze instance.

When enabled is set to false, the Braze SDK ignores any calls to the public API. The SDK also cancels all in-flight actions, such as network requests, event processing, etc. To resume data collection, set enabled to true.

You can also use the wipeData() method to fully clear locally-stored SDK data on a user’s device. If you’re using Swift SDK version 5.7.0 or earlier, or useUUIDAsDeviceId is set to false, you’ll also need to make a post request to /users/delete since your Identifier for Vendors (IDFV) will be used as their device ID. For Braze Swift versions 7.0.0 and later, the SDK and the wipeData() method randomly generates a UUID for their device ID instead.

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