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This article describes the different device-level properties captured when using the Braze iOS SDK.

Device properties

By default, Braze will collect the following device-level properties to allow device, language, and time zone-based message personalization:

  • Device Resolution
  • Device Carrier
  • Device Locale
  • Device Model
  • Device OS Version
  • IDFV (Optional with iOS SDK v5.7.0+)
  • Push Enabled
  • Device Time Zone
  • Push Auth Status
  • Ad Tracking Enabled

Configurable device fields are defined in the ABKDeviceOptions enum. To disable or specify the device field you’d like to allowlist, assign the bitwise OR of desired fields to ABKDeviceAllowlistKey in the appboyOptions of startWithApiKey:inApplication:withAppboyOptions:.

For example, to specify time zone and locale collection to be allowlisted, set:

appboyOptions[ABKDeviceAllowlistKey] = @(ABKDeviceOptionTimezone | ABKDeviceOptionLocale);

By default, all fields are enabled. Note that without some properties, not all features will function properly. For instance, local time zone delivery will not function without the time zone.

To read more about the automatically collected device properties, visit our SDK data collection.

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