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Swift Package Manager integration

Installing the iOS SDK via Swift Package Manager (SPM) automates the majority of the installation process for you. Before beginning this process, ensure that you use Xcode 12 or greater.

Step 1: Adding the dependency to your project

Import SDK version

Open your project and navigate to your project’s settings. Select the Swift Packages tab and click on the add button below the packages list.

When importing SDK version 3.33.1 or later, enter the URL of our iOS SDK repository ( in the text field and click Next.

For versions 3.29.0 through 3.32.0, use the URL

On the next screen, select the SDK version and click Next. Versions 3.29.0 and later are compatible with Swift Package Manager.

Select packages

Select the package that best suits your needs and click Finish. Make sure you select either AppboyKit or AppboyUI. Including both packages can lead to undesired behavior:

  • AppboyUI
    • Best suited if you plan to use UI components provided by Braze.
    • Includes AppboyKit automatically.
  • AppboyKit
    • Best suited if you don’t need to use any of the UI components provided by Braze (for example, Content Cards, in-app messages, etc.).
  • AppboyPushStory
    • Include this package if you have integrated Push Stories in your app. This is supported as of version 3.31.0.
    • In the dropdown under Add to Target, select your ContentExtension target instead of your main app’s target.

Step 2: Configuring your project

Next, navigate to your project build settings and add the -ObjC flag to the Other Linker Flags setting. This flag must be added and any errors resolved in order to further integrate the SDK.

Step 3: Editing the target’s scheme

If you are using Xcode 12.4 or earlier, edit the scheme of the target including the Appboy package (Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme menu item):

  1. Expand the Build menu and select Post-actions. Press the plus (+) button and select New Run Script Action.
  2. In the Provide build settings from dropdown, select your app’s target.
  3. Copy this script into the open field:
    # iOS
    bash "$BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR/Appboy_iOS_SDK_AppboyKit.bundle/Appboy.bundle/"
    # macOS (if applicable)
    bash "$BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR/Appboy_iOS_SDK_AppboyKit.bundle/Contents/Resources/Appboy.bundle/"

Next steps

Follow the instructions for completing the integration.

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