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Read and unread indicators

Disabling the unviewed indicator

Two Content Cards displayed side by side. The card on the left has a blue line at the bottom, indicating it has not been seen. The card on the right does not have a blue line, indicating it has already been seen.

You can choose to disable the blue line at the bottom of the card, which indicates whether or not the card has been viewed by setting the disableUnviewedIndicator property in ABKContentCardsTableViewController to YES.

Customizing the unviewed indicator

The unviewed indicator can be accessed through the unviewedLineView property of the ABKBaseContentCardCell class. If you use UITableViewCell implementations, you should access the property before the cell is drawn.

For example, to set the color of the unviewed indicator to red:

((ABKBaseContentCardCell *)cell).unviewedLineView.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor];
(card as? ABKBaseContentCardCell).unviewedLineView.backgroundColor =
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