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Other integrations

These are the other integrations supported in the Cordova Braze SDK.


Before you start, you need to integrate the Cordova Braze SDK into your iOS or Android app.

In-app messaging

By default the Cordova SDK supports in-app messages with no changes. See the Android or iOS integration examples for information on customizing in-app messages. Furthermore, you can look at the sample Cordova application or the sample Android or iOS application for implementation samples.

News Feed

See the Android and iOS integration instructions for information on how to integrate the News Feed into your Cordova app. Alternatively, our Cordova plugin provides a method, launchNewsFeed, that will launch a modal News Feed without further integration.

The Braze Cordova SDK has several methods to get the number of read or unread News Feed cards for different categories. Check out a sample project implementation for an example.

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