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Inline image push

Showcase a larger image within your Android push notification using inline image push. With this design, users won’t have to manually expand the push to enlarge the image.

No additional integration or SDK changes are required to use this feature. Devices or SDKs which don’t meet the minimum version requirements will instead show a standard big image push notification.

Usage requirements

  • This notification type requires the Braze Android SDK v10.0.0+ and Android M+ devices.
  • Unsupported devices or SDKs will fall back to the standard big image push notification.
  • Unlike regular Android push notifications, inline image push images are in a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Dashboard set up

When creating an Android push message, this feature is available in the Notification Type dropdown.

The push campaign editor showing the location of the "Notification Type" dropdown (above the standard push preview).

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