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Google Play privacy questionnaire

As of April 2022, Android developers must complete Google Play’s Data safety form to disclose privacy and security practices. This guide provides instructions on how to fill out this new form with information on how Braze handles your app data.

As the app developer, you are in control of what data you send to Braze. Data received by Braze is processed according to your instructions. This is what Google classifies as a service provider.


Questions Answers for Braze SDK
Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types? Yes, the Braze Android SDK collects data as configured by the app developer.
Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit? Yes.
Do you provide a way for users to request that their data be deleted? Yes.

For more information about handling user requests for their data and deletion, see Braze Data Retention Information.

Data collection

The data collected by Braze is determined by your specific integration and the user data you choose to collect. To learn more about what data Braze collects by default and how to disable certain attributes, see our SDK data collection options.

Category Data type Braze Usage
Location Approximate location Not collected by default.
Precise location
Personal Info Name
Email address
User IDs
Phone number
Race and ethnicity
Political or religious beliefs
Sexual orientation
Other info
Financial info User payment info
Purchase history
Credit score
Other financial info
Health and fitness Health info Not collected by default.
Fitness info
Messages Emails Not collected by default.
Other in-app messages If you send In-app messages or push notifications through Braze, we collect information on when users have opened or read these messages.
Photos and videos Photos Not collected.
Audio files Voice or sound recordings
Music files
Other audio files
Files and docs Files and docs
Calendar Calendar events
Contacts Contacts
App activity App interactions Braze collects session activity data by default. All other interactions and activity is determined by your app's custom integration.
In-app search history Not collected.
Installed apps Not collected.
Other user-generated content Not collected by default.
Other actions
Web browsing Web browsing history Not collected.
App information and performance Crash logs Braze collects crash logs for errors that occur within the SDK. This contains the user's phone model and OS level, along with a Braze specific user ID.
Diagnostics Not collected.
Other app performance data Not collected.
Device or other IDs Device or other IDs Braze generates a device ID to differentiate users' devices, and checks if messages are sent to the correct intended device.

To learn more about other device data that Braze collects which may fall outside the scope of Google Play’s data safety guidelines, see our Android storage overview and our SDK data collection options.

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