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Push notifications integration

A push notification is an out-of-app alert that appears on the user’s screen when an important update occurs. Push notifications are a valuable way to provide your users with time-sensitive and relevant content or to re-engage them with your app. This article covers implementing and testing push notifications on Flutter.

Test push notifications

Once you’ve configured push notifications in the native layer, follow these steps to test your push integration.

  1. Set an active user in the Flutter application. To do so, initialize your plugin by calling braze.changeUser('your-user-id').
  2. Head to Campaigns and create a new push notification campaign. Choose the platforms that you’d like to test.
  3. Compose your test notification and head over to the Test tab. Add the same user-id as the test user and click Send Test.
  4. You should receive the notification on your device shortly. You may need to check in the Notification Center or update Settings if it doesn’t display.
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