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May 3, 2022 release

Campaign approval

Campaign approval adds a review process to your workflow before launching a campaign. Now, you can ensure that each confirmation is approved in order to launch the campaign. To learn more about the approval process, check out Campaign approval.

Canvas Message Step

Message Steps allow you to add a standalone message where you want in your Canvas Flow. Visit our message step article to learn more.

AI copywriting assistant

The Braze AI copywriting assistant passes a brief product name or description to OpenAI’s GPT3 copy generation tool to generate human-like marketing copy for use in your messaging. This functionality is available out-of-the-box for most message composers in the Braze dashboard.

iOS push notification unit testing guide

An iOS unit testing guide for push notifications has been added to the developer guide. This guide will provide unit tests that will verify whether your app delegate is correctly set up.

Google privacy questionnaire

As of April 2022, Android developers must complete Google Play’s [Data safety form][4] to disclose privacy and security practices. This guide provides instructions on how to fill out this new form with information on how Braze handles your app data.

RelayState SAML SSO

Initial single sign-on set-up instructions have been updated to recommend use of a RelayState API key. For more information, refer to SAML SSO setup and corresponding OneLogin, Okta, and Azure Active Directory articles.

Talon.One integration updates

Our Talon.One partnership article now has updated integration steps, endpoints, and examples. If you are leveraging the Talon.One partnership, we recommend updating your integration accordingly.

Braze Web SDK V4 released

The Braze SDKs team has released Web SDK v4. For a list of breaking changes, updates, and additions, visit our Web SDK changelog. An upgrade guide has been created for those upgrading from V3 to V4.

Grouparoo deprecation

Support for Grouparoo has been discontinued as of April 2022.

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