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Talon.One provides personalized incentives for your mobile marketing CRM and allows you to launch contextual 1-to-1 coupon, referral, discount, and loyalty campaigns quickly and efficiently.

The Braze and Talon.One integration can help take your loyalty or coupon program to the next level by sending codes generated by Talon.One to your audience through Braze Connected Content.


Requirement Description
Talon.One account A Talon.One account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Talon.One API key In Talon.One, under Settings > Developer Settings, create a Braze 3rd party API key for the integration.


  1. Visit the Talon.One documentation for guidance on how to set up your integration, how to use the Talon.One API coupon endpoint, and where to find the Connected Content templates needed for your Braze messages.
  2. To take advantage of the other features Talon.One offers such as loyalty points and referrals, visit the following articles:
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