February 2017

Add Canvas steps after launch

Canvas steps can now be added to existing steps, even after the Canvas is launched. To learn more about creating a Canvas, read more here.

Bulk CSV for Engagement Reports

You can now export campaign data CSV in bulk with Engagement Reports. Learn more about this new feature here.

Update: You can export Canvas data via Engagement Reports as well.

Filter by last received in-app message

For more personalized user targeting, you can now use “Last Received In-App Message” as a time-based filter. To learn more about user targeting with Braze, visit Segmentation here.

Event user log upgrade

It’s now easier for you to see what is happening in your SDK integration. For more information on Event User Logs and their use, visit here.

News Feed templating

There are now two News Feed card fields, {{card.${name}}} and {{card.${api_id}}}. These cards can be added to Liquid templating. Learn more about personalized messaging and templates here.

New Stuff!