December 2018

Content Blocks

Content Blocks allow you to manage your reusable, cross-channel content in a single, centralized location. To access this feature please go into the Content Blocks Library tab in the Templates & Media section of your Braze account. With Content Blocks, you can:

  • Create a consistent look and feel to your Email campaigns using Content Blocks as Headers and Footers.
  • Distribute the same offer codes through different channels.
  • Create pre-defined assets that can be used to build messages with consistent information and assets.
  • Copy entire message bodies to other messages.

Gmail promotional tool

Gmail has updated the mobile Promotions tab to allow marketers to send more information via annotations in a ‘card’, rather than just the subject line or pre-header information. Braze has built a tool to help you build the card from our product. Learn how to use it here!

New Stuff!