Census is the data integration platform that enables you to sync customer and product data from your cloud warehouse to the sales and marketing apps of your choice.

With Census, keeping your customer success, sales, and marketing teams on the same page has never been easier. As Braze’s technology partner, Census keeps your customer data in sync, without ongoing help from your engineering department.


Requirement Origin Access Description
Braze API Key Braze You will need to create a new API Key.

This can be created in the Developer Console -> API Settings -> Create New API Key with users.track permissions.
This description should tell you what to do with the Braze API Key.
Braze REST Endpoint Braze Braze REST Endpoint List Your REST Endpoint URL. Your endpoint will depend on the Braze URL for your instance.
Census Account Census Your Census Instance An active Census account with an active Braze service connection.

Braze and Census Integration

The Braze and Census integration allows you to use your product data to dynamically create targeted user segments in Braze. For example, after successfully testing and implementing the integration, Braze can create a user segment of ‘Users Active in the Last 30 Days’ to target specific users to ask them to test an upcoming beta feature.

Step 1: Create a Braze API Key

Braze allows you to create multiple API keys, each with its own set of permissions. In most cases, the recommended practice is to create a new API key for Census rather than reusing an existing one.

  1. Within Braze, navigate to Settings at the bottom of the left navigation bar and click Developer Console.
  2. In the API Settings tab, under Rest API Keys, click + Create New API Key.
  3. Name this API key, and select all User Data permissions, except for users.delete. The permissions set may change as Census adds support for more Braze objects, so you may either want to grant more permissions now or plan to update these permissions in the future. Next, select Save API Key.
  4. Lastly, copy API Key found under Identifier to use when creating your Census connection.

Step 2: Select your Braze API Endpoint

Locate and note your Braze REST API endpoint, this will be needed when creating your Census connection with Braze. Your endpoint will depend on the Braze URL for your instance, find a full list of all Braze API Endpoints here.

Step 3: Create the Census Connection

  1. In the Settings tab, create a new Braze Service Connection under Add Service in Census.
  2. Name this connection and provide the Braze Endpoint URL and API Key.


Syncing in Census

When using the Census and Braze integration, Census will only send the deltas (changing data) on each sync to Braze.

Supported Sync Behaviors

Census supports syncing your data to both the user and event object in Braze. To learn more about this integration and Census syncing behaviors, visit the following Census documentation.

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