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March 5, 2024 release

Google is updating their EU User Consent Policy in response to changes to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is in effect as of March 6, 2024. This new change requires advertisers to disclose certain information to their EEA and UK end users, as well as obtain necessary consents from them. As part of this upcoming change, you can collect both consent signals in Braze as custom attributes. Braze will sync the data from these custom attributes to the appropriate consent fields in Google.

Data flexibility

Merge duplicate users

Early access

In the Braze dashboard, you can now search for and merge duplicate users to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and Canvases. You can individually merge user profiles or perform a bulk merge, which merges all profiles with matching identifiers into the most recently updated user profile.

Search for archived content

In the Braze dashboard, you can now include archived content in your search results by selecting Show Archived Content.

Message archiving support for AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage

You can use message archiving to save a copy of your messages sent to users for archival or compliance purposes to your AWS S3 bucket, Azure Blob Storage container or Google Cloud Storage bucket.

SQL table reference

Visit the SQL table reference to see the tables and columns available to be queried in the Query Builder or when generating SQL Segment Extensions.

Unlocking creativity

Tone control for AI copywriting

You can now choose a message tone to determine the style of the copy generated with the AI copywriting assistant.

Robust channels

Card creation

You can choose when Braze evaluates audience eligibility and personalization for new Content Card campaigns and Canvas steps by specifying when the card is created.

Preview user paths

General availability

Experience the Canvas journey you’ve created for your users, including previewing the timing and messages they will receive. These test runs act as quality assurance that your messages are sent to the right audience, all before sending the Canvas.

Quick push campaigns

General availability

When creating a push campaign in Braze, you can select multiple platforms and devices to craft one message for all platforms in a single editing experience called quick push. This feature is only available for campaigns.

Custom list-unsubscribe header

General availability

Adding a custom list-unsubscribe header to your email messaging allows your recipients to opt-out. This way, you can add your own configured one-click unsubscribe endpoint and an optional “mailto:”. Braze requires an input for URL to support a custom list-unsubscribe header because the one-click unsubscribe HTTP is a requirement from Yahoo and Gmail for bulk senders.

Multiple pages for in-app messages

Early access

Adding pages to your in-app message lets you guide users through a sequential flow, like an onboarding flow or welcome journey. You can manage pages from the Pages section of the Build tab.

Randomize paths for an experiment path

To always randomize path assignment for an Experiment Path step, select Randomized Paths in Experiment Paths in the step. This option is not available when using either Winning or Personalized Paths.

Email capture form

Email capture messages allow you to easily prompt users of your site to submit their email address, after which it will be available in their user profile for use in all your messaging campaigns.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

New Stuff!