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August 23, 2022 release

Developer portal

Connect, learn, and get inspired with other developers building with Braze. Check out our developer portal and join the Braze developer community on Slack.

Message archiving

Message Archiving is an add-on feature that lets you save a copy of messages sent to users for archival or compliance purposes to your S3 bucket.

Canvas entry properties and event properties

Though similar in name, Canvas entry properties and event properties function differently within your Canvas workflows. Learn more about when to use each property and the differences in behavior in Canvas entry properties and event properties.

You can now view all the link aliases you’re tracking in your emails from Manage Settings > Email Settings > Link Aliasing Settings. For more information, refer to Tracking links.

Liquid 5

Braze has updated support to Liquid up to and including Liquid 5 from Shopify. For new Braze users, Liquid 5 is generally available. For existing Braze users, Liquid 5 is in early access. Learn more about what’s new with Liquid 5.

Best practices for campaigns and Canvases

Creating successful campaigns and Canvases can be complex, so check out our list of best practices you should be aware of to make the most of your messaging.

Searching for campaigns

Did you know you can search for a campaign by its API identifier? Learn more about this and other ways to filter and find campaigns in Searching for campaigns.

New Braze partnerships

IAM Studio - Message templates

With the Braze and IAM Studio integration, you can easily insert customizable in-app message templates into your Braze in-app messages, offering image replacement, text modification, deep link settings, custom attributes, and event settings. Using IAM Studio, you can reduce message production time and dedicate more time to content planning. - Analytics

The Braze and integration allows you to deploy a service to monitor your progress in the utilization of Braze. Through a combination of tools and processes, they will rapidly benchmark your CRM performance, identify new opportunities and provide recommendations on how to perform better.

Storyly - Cohort import

The Braze and Storyly integration allows you to use your segments in Braze as an audience in the Storyly platform. With this integration, you can:

  • Target your segments with specific stories
  • Use user attributes to personalize your story contents

Lokalise - Localization

The Braze and Lokalise integration leverages Connected Content to allow you to easily insert translated content into your Braze campaigns based on user language settings.

Quikly - Retargeting

The Braze and Quikly partnership allows you to accelerate conversions on events within a Braze customer journey. Quikly does this by using urgency psychology to motivate consumers in fun — and instant — ways. For example, brands can use Quikly to immediately acquire new email and SMS subscribers directly into Braze or to motivate other key marketing objectives like downloading your mobile app.

DataGrail - Data privacy and compliance

The Braze and DataGrail integration allows you to detect consumer data collected and stored within Braze to quickly process DSRs (access, delete, and do-not-sell requests). Braze will be added to an accurate blueprint of where consumer data lives in your organization with automated data mapping — no more surveys or spreadsheets are needed to maintain a privacy framework or produce a record of processing activities (RoPA).

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

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