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May 31, 2022 release

Inbox Vision

With Inbox Vision, you can check that your drag & drop email campaigns are aligned across all your email clients and mobile platforms before sending. To learn more, check out Inbox Vision.

Updated HTML engine

The underlying engine that produces HTML from the Drag & Drop Editor has been optimized and updated, resulting in benefits related to HTML file compression and rendering. For more details on the updates, check out Updated HTML engine.

Updated keyword category-specific retargeting

You can create up to 25 of your own SMS keyword categories, allowing you to identify arbitrary keywords and responses to be used for filtering and retargeting. To read more about SMS keyword categories and how to set them up, check out SMS retargeting.

Event property segmentation

Event property segmentation allows you to target users based on custom events taken and the properties associated with those events. This feature adds additional filtering options when segmenting purchase and custom events.

Audience sync to Google

The Braze Audience Sync to Google implementation process has been simplified allowing you to grant Braze access to multiple Google Ads accounts. For more information, see Audience Sync to Google.

New Braze partnerships

Amperity - Customer data platform

The Braze and Amperity integration offers a unified view of your customers across the two platforms. With this integration, you can sync user lists to map Amperity user data to Braze user accounts by creating an Amperity user list.

Dynamic 365 Customer Insights - Customer data platform

The Braze and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integration allows you to export customer segments to Braze to use in campaigns or Canvases.

Extole - Loyalty

With the Braze and Extole integration, you can pull customer events and attributes from Extole refer-a-friend and growth programs into Braze, empowering you to create more personalized marketing campaigns that boost customer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty. You can also dynamically pull Extole content attributes, such as personalized share codes and links, into Braze communications.

Heap - Cohort import

The Braze and Heap integration enables you to import Heap data to Braze, create user cohorts, as well as export Braze data to Heap to create segments.

Hightouch - Workflow automation

The Braze and Hightough integration allows you to import user cohorts to Braze, sending targeted campaigns based on data that may only exist in your warehouse.

Peak - Dynamic content

The Braze and Peak integration allows you to take predicted churn probability and attributes based on customer behaviors and interactions, and import them into Braze to use in customer segmentation and targeting.

Shopify - Ecommerce

The Braze and Shopify integration has been expanded to offer abandoned checkout delay, setting a preferred product identifier, and several new Shopify events including shopify_paid_order, shopify_partially_fulfilled_order, shopify_fulfilled_order, shopify_cancelled_order, and shopify_created_refund.

Survicate - Surveys

The Braze and Survicate integration allows you to include survey links in your emails or directly embed survey snippets to increase the response rate. After surveys have been completed, return to Survicate to identify and analyze the attributes and responses of your survey responders.

Viralsweep - Loyalty

The Braze and ViralSweep integration allows you to hold sweepstakes and contests on the ViralSweep platform (growing your email and SMS lists) and then send sweepstakes or contest entry information into Braze to use in campaigns or Canvases.

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