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April 4, 2023 release

Documentation breadcrumbs

You might notice that the Braze Docs site now has breadcrumbs on the top of each article to show you where you are in the site. These are just another option to help you navigate!

A series of breadcrumbs navigating from User Guide > Message Building by Channel > In-App Messages > Templates > Simple Survey

Creating catalogs in browser

You can use catalogs to reference non-user data in your Braze campaigns through Liquid. Braze now allows you to create a catalog directly in your browser instead of importing a CSV. Refer to Creating a catalog for more for more information.

Custom SQL in query builder

With the query builder, you can generate reports using Braze data in Snowflake. Now, you can use custom SQL to unlock new insights.

Feature flag FAQ

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions for feature flags.

Message extras Liquid tag for Currents

Using the message_extras Liquid tag, you can annotate your send events with dynamic data from Connected Content, custom attributes (such as language, country), and Canvas entry properties. This Liquid tag appends key-value pairs to the corresponding send event in Currents.

New Currents events: users_campaigns_abort and users_canvas_abort

Two new events were added to the Currents glossary: Canvas abort message events and campaign abort message events.

New API endpoints: Catalogs

Use the Update catalog item and Update catalog items endpoints to update an item or multiple items in your catalog.

Shopify Historical Backfill

Shopify Historical Backfill allows Braze to import all customers, orders, and purchase events from the last 90 days prior to your Shopify integration connection.


WhatsApp is a popular peer-to-peer messaging platform used across the world offering conversation-based messaging for businesses. The WhatsApp messaging channel offers a direct way to engage users on the WhatsApp platform through campaigns, opt-ins and opt-outs, quick replies, and more.

WhatsApp API object

As part of Braze’s WhatsApp support, the whats_app object allows you to modify or create WhatsApp messages via our messaging endpoints. See the whats_app object documentation for the full spec.

New Braze partnerships

Merkury - Analytics

The Braze and Merkury integration allows you to leverage the MerkuryID to increase site visitor recognition rates for Braze customers.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

New Stuff!