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February 7, 2023 release

Building accessible messages

Marketing content that excludes people with disabilities, even unintentionally, can prevent millions of people from interacting with your brand. Accessibility in marketing is about making it easy for everyone to experience your marketing, receive and understand your communication, and have the opportunity to invest in or become a fan of your product, service, or brand. Refer to Building accessible messages in Braze for guidance.

Query builder early access

With the query builder, you can generate reports using Braze data in Snowflake. The query builder comes with pre-built SQL query templates to get you started. Currently only the templated queries are allowed. Support for custom SQL queries will follow.

This feature is currently in early access. If you’re interested in participating in the early access, reach out to your customer success manager.

Feature flags beta

Feature flags allow you to remotely enable or disable functionality for a selection of users. They let you turn a feature on and off in production without additional code deployment or app store updates. This allows you to safely roll out new features with confidence.

This feature is currently in beta. If you’re interested in participating in the beta, reach out to your customer success manager.

New Currents events

The following Currents events have recently been released and added to the message engagement event and customer behavior and user event glossaries:

Message abort events:

  • users.messages.contentcard.abort
  • users.messages.inappmessage.abort
  • users.messages.pushnotification.abort
  • users.messages.sms.abort
  • users.messages.webhook.abort

SMS short link click events:

  • users.messages.sms.ShortLinkClick

Global state change subscription event:

  • users.behaviors.subscription.GlobalStateChange

Subscription group state change event:

  • users.behaviors.subscriptiongroup.StateChange

Canvas exit events:

  • users.canvas.exit.PerformedEvent
  • users.canvas.exit.MatchedAudience

Personalized Variant

When sending an A/B test, you can send users a Personalized Variant, sending them the variant they are most likely to engage with. Refer to Multivariate analytics for more on how Personalized Variants are selected and how to leverage them in your campaigns.

SQL Segment Extensions early access

Segment Extensions allow you to generate a Segment Extension using Snowflake SQL queries of Snowflake data. SQL can help you unlock new segment use cases because it offers the flexibility to describe the relationships between data in ways that aren’t achievable through other segmentation features.

Pre and post-launch checklist for Canvas

Before and after you launch a Canvas, there are several details you should check:

  • Ensure that your messaging and send times align with your audience’s preferences
  • Account for variations in time zones, entry settings, and more
  • Review and adjust your Canvas in the event of discrepancies after launch based on these scenarios

Use this checklist as a guide to finetune these areas based on your use case to help contribute to the success of your Canvas.

New API endpoint: Update user alias

Use the Update user alias endpoint to update existing user aliases.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

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