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April 30, 2024 release

Permissions to create or update promotion code lists

As of April 2024, users will need the “Access Campaigns, Canvases, Cards, Segments, Media Library” permission to create or update promotion code lists. Refer to Managing limited and team role permissions for a list of permission names and their descriptions.

Data flexibility

SAML just-in-time provisioning

Early access

Just-in-time provisioning works with SAML SSO to allow new dashboard users to create a Braze account on their first sign in. This eliminates the need for administrators to manually create an account for a new dashboard user, choose their permissions, assign them to a workspace, and wait for them to activate their account.

Permission sets and roles

Use permission sets to bundle permissions related to specific subject areas or actions. These permission sets can be applied to dashboard users who need the same access across different workspaces.

Cloud Data Ingestion Segments

Braze Cloud Data Ingestion segments allow you to write SQL that directly queries your own data warehouse by using data made available via your CDI connections, and create a group of users that can be targeted within Braze.

Unlocking creativity

Query Builder templates

General availability

Using Query Builder templates, you can create reports using Braze data from Snowflake. To access Query Builder templates, select Query Template when creating a report. All templates surface data from up to the last 60 days, but you can directly edit that and other values in the editor.

Performance data by segment

General availability

You can break down performance data by segment in Query Builder report templates for campaigns, variants, and Canvases and Canvas steps by segments.

Robust channels

General availability

Use automatic link shortening to automatically shorten static URLs in your response. This can help shape your response as the character counter will update to show the expected length of the shortened URL.

New Braze partnerships

Friendbuy - Loyalty

Leverage the integration between Braze and Friendbuy to expand your email and SMS capabilities while effortlessly automating your referral and loyalty program communications. Braze will generate customer profiles for all the opted-in phone numbers collected via Friendbuy.

NiftyImages - Dynamic Content

The Braze and NiftyImages partnership allows you to create dynamic and personalized images for your email campaigns by mapping your existing Braze personalization tags to your NiftyImages URLs.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

New Stuff!