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August 22, 2023 release

Shopify catalogs

Shopify catalogs allow you to import your products from your Shopify store into a Braze catalog, automating the process to bring in product data for deeper personalization of your messages. You can enrich your abandoned cart, order confirmation, and more with the most up-to-date product details and information.

Merging users by email

You can now merge users by email using the /users/merge endpoint.

Best practices for WhatsApp

Before sending your WhatsApp messages, you can reference suggested best practices to maintain a high phone quality rating, avoid blocks and reports, and opt-in and out-out users.

Domain reputation

In the Deliverability Center, you can now view and monitor your domain reputation to help avoid being filtered into a spam folder.

Customization guides

We’re excited to introduce a reorganization of the Developer Portal. Now, customization options for our SDKs, starting with Content Cards, are consolidated into dedicated customization guides. This change streamlines your access to detailed instructions, making it easier to tailor experiences to your specific needs.

Card creation in Canvas

You can choose when Braze evaluates audience eligibility and personalization for new Content Card campaigns and Canvas steps by specifying when the card is created.

Copying to workspaces

Copying campaigns across a workspace allows you to get a jumpstart on your message composition by starting with a copy of a campaign in a different workspace. This copy will remain as a draft until you edit and launch, helping you keep and build off your successful messaging strategies.

Push Max

Push Max amplifies Android push notifications by tracking failed push notifications and resending the push when the user is more likely to receive it. Learn about Push Max and how you can use this feature to potentially improve the deliverability of Android push notifications to Chinese OEM devices.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

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